September 11 Resources

An EarthLight Magazine Web Special  --  Fall 2001

by Diana Brooks


Spiritual and Inspirational Resources

Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Nobel Laureate Peacemakers Speak on 9-11

Community for Mindful Living
See statements and talk by Thich Nhat Hanh at the bottom of the page.

Living Consciously. Reflections on Violence, Terrorism, and War
Buddhist and other thoughtful commentaries.

Quaker Organizations

Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) -- many links, sample letters, statements, Quaker views, etc.

AFSC No More Victims Campaign

Pendle Hill
Note the 20 week Monday night lecture series to explore critical issues facing us in the wake of September 11: materialism and violence, roots of hatred towards the U.S., basic teachings of Islam, non-violence and its effectiveness, basic Quaker peace testimony, etc.

Alternative and Independent News Sources

Common Dreams News Center
National non-profit alternative news media funded entirely by members and supporters. Progressive thoughtful essays and news.
Project of the Independent Media Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening alternative journalism.

Democracy Now.
Excellent independent radio program with 2 hours of news and interviews daily with internet audio links and webcast.

Links to Middle Eastern (English Language) and other U.S. newspapers


Justice Not Vengeance, YES Magazine. Useful ideas and links from a kindred publication.

See also AFSC and FCNL listed under Quaker Organizations above.

Dialogue, Communication and Study Guides

New Roadmap Foundation: Conversation Cafe Guide for discussing 9-11

Cooperative Communication Skills Internet Resource Center
A public service of Dennis Rivers, MA, communication skills teacher, and the Institute for Cooperative Communication Skills.

Study Circles Resource Center

Center for Non-violent Communication

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