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EarthLight is a magazine published quarterly by the Unity with Nature Committee
of the Pacific Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends [Quakers]

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Letters to EarthLight

[EL #24, Winter 1996-97, pp 14-15, 21]

In an effort to simplify, I've been dropping subscriptions one-by-one. Earthlight will not be dropped. Admittedly, we share a bias, one which is rarely expressed openly in today's uneasy social climate. Thank you for continuing to take the high road and nourish those of us who thirst after righteousness for the natural world.
Lois B. Robbins
Oxford, MI

I was introduced to EarthLight at a Creation Spirituality workshop and am interested in bringing the information you offer to my church community. Reading your magazine enlivens my spirit. Would it be possible to receive a variety of back issues so that I may introduce them to the Parish Council? We have been going through a Renew Impact Series and the last session addresses ecology. EarthLight shows that change and progress is being made, at the University level and within communities and churches. That is incredibly affirming.
Christina Bergmann
St. Louis, MO

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