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Study Guide for issue on Economics

[EL #21, Spring 1996]
prepared by Sandra Moon Farley

EarthLight encourages active reading and discussion of the articles contained in each quarterly issue. We offer you some questions or queries to spark discussion or focus response. Study Guides are available through our web page or in print for $1.50 each. You may reproduce in limited quantity for educational purposes.
You may choose to use these queries as prompts for personal meditation, journal writing, or creative composition. It can be a pleasure, however, to gather a small group to share a discussion of the issue.
We suggest that if you meet, you should sit in silence for a minute [or five] at the beginning, letting the Spirit of God be with you in your circle. Choose an article or two to focus on in turn and allow some time for reflection between responses. Enjoy another moment of silent benediction [acknowledged oxymoron] at the conclusion of your session. Be mindful of the time and the attention capacity of your group. More than one session may be scheduled. There is plenty to think, meditate, and talk about.

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We hope that these queries have served to enrich your experience with EarthLight. We welcome your comments and submission of articles and poems which may serve to deepen our connection between spirituality and ecology.

Address all correspondence to:

Kurt de Boer, Editor
111 Fairmount Avenue
Oakland, CA 94611 USA


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